Master class on dating an American girl

Master class on dating an American girl

April 8, 2021 0 By wpadm

Finding an American girl for dating is not difficult while they are quite open to everything new and are always eager to date. However, lots of guys find it difficult to date an American girl for some reason. If you are one of those guys who are tired of pursuing American girls and want to quit, check this post and see how you can benefit from dating an American girl and why you should give it a try.

If you want to find an American girl for dating, there is nothing easier than that. A dating site will help you a lot and give you a chance to get a great lady, the relationship with whom you will enjoy to the fullest.

Are American girls good for dating?

Foreign guys coming to the United States believe their local girls there are perfect while American men often complain about them and try to search for girlfriends elsewhere. It happens in any country, probably. Someone is always not happy with local men or women.

However, when dating an American girl, you can relax and enjoy the process. They are not complicated and don’t create any dramas. This is what many gentlemen adore about them and for that reason, come to the USA to find their girlfriends.

Of course, dating an American girl has its benefits and drawbacks and here, you will find out about them more. Before you consider dating them, check all the pros and cons. Compare American girls to women from other countries and who knows, you might not want to date any other girl but an American one.


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One of the best features of American girls is their straightforwardness. They are absolutely direct about everything. They can easily make any guy embarrassed; however, they will hardly ever be shy. Thus, if an American girl likes you, she will tell you this right in your face. You will be the first to know about how and what she feels.

Just compare them to women from other countries. Many girls, for example, Slavic ladies, aren’t very discreet about what they feel. They want you to guess it and if you understand something wrong and make a mistake, it will be your problem.

American girls will let you know they want to date you. Isn’t that gorgeous? Your girl will tell you that she likes you, wants to kiss you, and even something more. Yes, there is no chasing game and you don’t have to put in too much effort because an American girl does the entire job for you.


Dating an American girl means having a very easygoing and down-to-earth girlfriend. They don’t want any romantic things but to have fun and enjoy life together. Want to hang out with your friends? Go ahead and do it, she won’t mind.

They are easy to get along with. These girls joke around and have a great sense of humor. It is what many guys lack when dating other girls. If you want to have a girlfriend and enjoy your dating process, an American would be perfect.


They are not only direct but open about everything and everyone. If you date a British girl, for example, you can notice that she cannot tell her parents about you. They are very discreet and afraid to let their parents even know about having a boyfriend. This is a different mentality and education, probably.

When dating a native American girl, you will notice that she can easily speak to her mom about you and even share the details of your intimate life asking her mother for a piece of advice. This is a very strange and bizarre thing for many people, but this is what they do and never hide anything.


Lots of guys love American girls dating because they are great lovers. Once again, the point is in their mentality and attitude towards everything. They are never closed but vice versa, very open about their lives and relationships.

The same concerns their behavior in bed. An American woman is open about what she wants and what she wants you to do. They are not afraid to try everything new and have experience in bed. They are passionate about it.

Well, what can we say, American girls are used to getting all pleasures from life and their bed experiences aren’t exceptions. They know how to enjoy each aspect of their lives.


Yes! These girls seem to be perfect, but there must be something that men don’t like about them and here you go. They are high-maintenance and classy women. You may not like this, but the fact is American girls have a good life. They earn well, live in a free country, and enjoy all the perks of life.

An American girl will never consider dating a loser. She will better be alone. Regardless of the fact that she can share the dating bills and pay for herself, she needs a guy with money. No, they don’t need your money, don’t worry. But you must be financially stable, have a good job, and be someone in this life

This is their understanding of a real man. Don’t run away at once though. If you go to other countries and start approaching local ladies, you will understand that all of them are the same. They don’t want to date men without jobs or steady incomes. This is their right and why not, by the way?

When you are looking for a girl for dating, you also don’t want to date the very first lady you meet. You are interested in an ambitious woman with a versatile personality. You are picky about it, and women are as well. This is absolutely normal and you cannot judge American women for that.


Americans love freedom that is expressed in everything. Dating an American girl means having a free woman in the full understanding of the word. They are independent and don’t need anyone, even their boyfriends. They know that they are doing very well without you even.

They have no boundaries. This is very good in many aspects because American girls are not biased and don’t have any prejudice. They are sure life is great and they must enjoy it to the fullest.

On the other hand, though, an American girl may not be very loyal to you. If she isn’t satisfied with you in a relationship and bed, for example, she will have no problem switching you to someone else. If Slavic women will be loyal no matter what until your relationship ends, American girls don’t think they should tell you something and just do what they want.

Of course, not all girls are like that. There are many happy couples and families where American wives are committed and devoted to their husbands. Everything depends on her feelings for you. If a woman doesn’t love you and you don’t meet her expectations and requirements, she will replace you with someone else without any doubt.

How to find an American girl for dating

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Although American girls are very open to new relationships and various connections, approaching them isn’t always easy. Therefore, they don’t date guys from other countries they don’t consider good enough. If you are an immigrant from India, Lebanon, or Pakistan, and countries like that, American girls won’t even look at you.

You might be one hundred times more handsome than American men, dress up more stylishly, and have millions, but this is their principle. An American girl wants to date only Native American men or those from European countries. They even date and marry Russian men but never anyone from those countries.

Therefore, if you are from one of such countries and your skin is slightly darker than hers, you’d better don’t waste your time and start looking for a woman from another country because you really have no chances with Native American girls.

If you meet her requirements and are a native American or European man who has a good job to afford dating an American girl, you can start looking for her in various gyms, clubs, bars, concerts, and even online.

Using an American girl dating site

These are the most popular ways of meeting people. You can create a profile on one of the dating sites and start talking to an American girl right away. Remember they are very open and direct, so they can find you quickly. You don’t even have to put too much effort into it.

If you want such a girl to pay attention to you, your profile must be appealing and contain your best photos. Post recent photos only and provide true information about yourself and who you are looking for.

Keep in mind that some girls, as well as boys, lie in their profiles and you cannot verify their information, so try to video call your girl as much as possible to see her facial expressions and make sure she is telling you the truth. Good luck!