Dating Russian women: a challenge or fun?

Dating Russian women: a challenge or fun?

April 8, 2021 0 By wpadm

Russian women are perfect for dating, did you know that? They are so popular around the world that nearly every man believes having a girlfriend from Russia is a real blessing. Those who ever tried to approach Russian girls think that such a woman is a real curse because of a rejection. Why do people have such different opinions about dating Russian girls and why someone is so happy while others are desperate?

Russian dating is just slightly different from what you imagine in your country. A relationship between men and women in Russia and other Slavic countries is not like that in western couples. It means that before you ever try to approach Russian girls, you must learn more about them and what they need, want, and require from a relationship with a man.

Must-know things about Russian dating

Many foreign guys have already been to Russia many times and know that the Russian dating scene is not really similar to that in their countries. Of course, dating is dating, and it is the same everywhere — people have dates, kiss, hug, spend time together, and enjoy each other. Yes, they do all that in Russia as well.

However, there are some peculiarities of the process you must be aware of. Dating a Russian girl won’t be fast. What does it mean? You must play the chasing game before she goes on a date with you. This chasing game is admired by both girls and guys in this country.

Men adore increasing their self-confidence by feeling alpha males and conquering their women. They send them gifts and try to impress them with their perfect sense of humor, confidence, and, of course, bunches of flowers.

None of the dates in Russia happens without flowers. When you ask your Russian girl for a date, don’t forget to appear with flowers on it. This is a must. Even if a girl tells you that she doesn’t like flowers and considers them a waste of money, you should consider bringing her a box of chocolates.

Some girls don’t eat sweets because of their healthy way of life, so you might consider a fruit bouquet. Such bouquets are very popular nowadays, especially in times when everyone wants to eat only healthy food. They are very original and nicely arranged.

What you want to bring to your date is up to you, but it is better not to appear on your date with a Russian woman with empty hands. This is dating etiquette in this country, and you’d better stick to it. When in Rome, do as Romans after all.

Why dating a Russian woman is worthy of your attention

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Russian women dating is related to a range of benefits as well as many pitfalls. If you have never tried it, you definitely should. This is a totally new experience that will give you a full range of new emotions and open absolutely new worlds. Those who have dated Russian girls can never forget it and never return to local dating again.

Get ready to forget about monotonous relationships and boring dates because now, you will have not only a beautiful but a very exciting girlfriend. Check what dating Russian women can give you and how you can benefit from it.

Dating a Russian woman means never getting bored

Russian girls are not less funny than American women. They have a wonderful sense of humor and sometimes, are pretty sarcastic. The good thing is they can laugh at themselves and are not afraid of healthy self-criticism.

Anyway, Russian girls don’t like monotonous dating. They adore diversity. If you expect to meet and walk in the street every day with her, then forget about it. Your girlfriend will want a versatile relationship and if you cannot handle it, she might be not for you.

They know how to have fun for sure since girls in Russia are very active. It means that your dates will take place in all possible places. You will even have trips to unknown cities just to walk there and visit sightseeings. In other words, you will never be bored.

All men envy you

Many American men confess that their Russian girls are the most beautiful women they have ever dated and this is true. In Russia, there is high competition among women because there are more women than men in the country. That’s why girls do their best to stand out.

Moreover, they possess exceptional charm and always look great. These girls are extremely elegant and feminine no matter what they wear and where they go. You will be envied by many other guys when dating your Russian girl.

There is really a lot to envy. They are very beautiful, feminine, always dressed up well, and wearing proper makeup. By the way, many men wonder how Russian girls can afford very stylish and trendy clothes. This is true, they always dress up perfectly well no matter how much they earn.

Russian women always manage to take good care of themselves and attend beauty salons to always look gorgeous. They never afford to go out without a proper look or makeup.

Russian women require attention

Like all women, Russian girls are pretty demanding and require a lot of attention. They want to feel like queens, which is understandable. If you want to conquer your Russian girl, you must be very attentive and show your attention all the time.

They don’t believe in words though. It is not enough to tell her that you need and want her. Your words must be confirmed with your actions. You should court her and offer flowers, gifts, and everything that a woman may want.

Don’t forget about paying the dating bills. In Russian dating culture, women don’t pay for themselves on dates, they don’t even pay for their taxis to get to a café or wherever you agree to meet. Be generous and treat your woman well if you want to impress her.

Where to meet a Russian woman

If you dream of dating Russian girls, you should not dream but act. Meeting Russian women in their country will be nearly impossible. They don’t want to talk to foreign guys who ask for their phone numbers in the streets or public places. Such men simply concern them because they have no idea what their intentions are.

There it goes, if you are going to date Russian women, you should look for alternatives. Dating sites, apps, and even matchmaking services could be great options. Let’s check how each of them works and how efficient they are.

Dating apps

Russian girls also use various dating apps, although quite seldom. Moreover, such dating apps like Tinder and other similar ones contain many fake profiles. The app doesn’t bear any responsibility for its users so you never know who you meet there.

If you need a serious girl and not just a hookup, you must look at more reputable resources. There are lots of scammers in dating apps, so to avoid them, try to look on Russian dating sites.

How to use a Russian dating site

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If you open any dating service and browse the girls’ profiles, you will see that many Russian women and those from other Slavic countries are eager to meet foreigners. Lots of women from Russia want to find real and relationship-oriented guys from the United States and other countries.

This is your chance to meet a great girl. However, not each dating site can give you what you really need and want. You should be very selective about the service to choose. Thus, it must be very reputable and recommended by experts Russian dating service.

The truth is scammers happen on paid dating sites as well, and they are happily waiting for such guys like you who will do everything to date a Russian girl. You shouldn’t do anything though because a really serious woman doesn’t ask for it but is interested to get to know you and your inner world.

How to pick a reputable service?

Many dating sites post profiles of Russian women. You shouldn’t choose the site with a paid registration. It is necessary to search for the service where you can sign up totally for free. Moreover, there should be some trial period so you could check yourself how the site works and whether you can meet someone there.

Lots of Russian dating sites offer free trials or just grant you free credits after registration. You can easily use them for communication with some girls and see where it leads you. Only if everything goes well and you aren’t concerned about anything, can you purchase more credits or a membership.

It would also be good to check the reputation of the site. Search for some reviews of other users and see whether there are certain testimonials. Such a small investigation will save tons of your time and money in the future. Russian women are perfect for dating, but you should be selective about the site to use for meeting them.