Are Ukrainian brides real or scams?

Are Ukrainian brides real or scams?

April 8, 2021 0 By wpadm

Ukrainian brides’ agencies are very popular nowadays because a lot of western men tend to look for brides from Ukraine. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds with them. Many men simply return home with empty pockets and broken hearts. If you have ever browsed the internet and searched for hot Ukrainian brides, you could have found a lot of information about a scam.

Are all Ukrainian brides scammers or those men just cannot approach them and it is easier to believe they failed because a woman was a scammer? The question is very difficult and the situation is very complicated. However, we will try to find out the truth right now. Keep reading till the end and see whether you should risk meeting Russian and Ukrainian brides or it is better to avoid them by all means.

Are Ukrainian brides real?

This question is one of the most frequent requests online. Western men simply cannot believe that such beautiful ladies willing to meet men from overseas seem to be a fairytale. Those who faced scams or simply were rejected are very skeptical about brides from Ukraine.

You might have doubts and fears and it is absolutely normal and natural, but it is necessary to know that Russian and Ukrainian women looking for marriages with foreign men are not a myth. They are absolutely real and really want to marry you and move to your country.

What does your success depend on?

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Why do some guys take wonderful Ukrainian brides to their countries while others fly back home alone and fully disappointed? In fact, there is no single answer to that question. Your success depends on a bunch of factors and you must know more about them.

If you are a newbie in online dating, it might be easy to get trapped for you because there are really a lot of pitfalls and scammers never sleep. Here is the list of factors and their explanations so you could realize why someone is successful while others fail in their search for a Ukrainian bride.

The choice of the dating service

Ukrainian brides’ scams happen and sometimes, it depends on the choice of your online dating provider. The right choice of the website is a half success. Thus, before you start looking for your bride, you must think about what service to use.

Picking the right dating site is not difficult at all, but it requires your time and attention. You should never be in a hurry but find a site with good reviews and reputation. Check whether they have posted some testimonials and if this site has helped at least someone.

You shouldn’t choose the services with paid registration. It is not efficient because you never know whether there are some suitable profiles and how they verify their candidates at all. If there are no suitable women and you have paid for your registration, you simply waste your time.

You must pick websites according to your needs and requirements. For example, if you don’t have time at all, you can hire an international matchmaker. However, it will not be too cheap because matchmaking services are very expensive. If you can devote some time to your search, you can choose a simple international dating site.

It would be good to check whether your site has responsive and helpful customer support. Otherwise, they will never solve your problems if you have any. Don’t neglect to choose a good dating service because your success directly depends on it. The quality of Ukrainian and Russian brides also depends on the dating website you choose.

Your knowledge of Ukrainian culture

This is another aspect that matters for your success. Many men want to date Ukrainian brides but just a few succeed. The problem is they simply don’t know anything about their dating culture and behave with them like they do with American women. It never works with Ukrainian girls.

Ukrainian and Russian dating culture is very different from yours. Ukrainian girls are stubborn and if they don’t see your wish to comply with their culture or expectations, they will hardly pick you. Therefore, it is crucial to learn more about them before you start. It will help you avoid many problems in the future and not become one of those guys returning home with nothing. Here are a couple of peculiarities that you should know about brides from Ukraine.

They don’t like cheapskates

You may not even know that they consider you to be a cheapskate because you didn’t mean to be greedy. However, Ukrainian brides have their own criteria for evaluating the level of your greediness. For example, western guys are often quite saving and they prefer to save money instead of wasting them. Ukrainian women don’t waste your money either, but they hate when you are talking about finances.

Let’s say, you want to save some money for your trip to meet your bride and because of that, you ask her to wait with video calls because using the site is expensive for you. Once you mention that communication with her is expensive for you, don’t expect to have the best results. Such topics are a no-no for Ukrainian brides.

Moreover, it is a must for Ukrainian dating culture paying the dating bills, taxis for your women, and sending her flowers not mentioning other gifts. Don’t think they are gold-diggers because it is a tradition in their country. If you congratulate her on her birthday without even a flower, you are considered to be a greedy guy, and none of the Russian or Ukrainian brides will be willing to keep communicating with you.

What is a Ukrainian bride’s scam?

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Online dating and scams follow each other everywhere. When you read about brides from Ukraine, you definitely see many scary stories about scams. It doesn’t mean that all ladies from that country who join dating sites are bad, gold-diggers, and scammers. Most of them are wonderful women looking for a real relationship with a foreign man.

However, there are always those who spoil a beautiful picture and reputation and make your wallet and emotions a little emptier. Very often, men call scammers every second lady because they do not like what she says or simply are rejected. This is not right because not each failure means that you were scammed.

Below, you will find some scam schemes and red flags. When you come across such situations, you should be careful and keep your pocket closed because you may face a true scammer. Pay attention to the following red flags always and don’t let anyone scam you.

She writes to you that she loves you

It’s not a secret that many western men may fall in love easily, and when a woman is writing a letter to you where she confesses her feelings, don’t hurry to be happy about it. The truth is Ukrainian brides are not that easy to speak about feelings, and they need much more time and real meetings to understand that they have feelings for you.

If someone you have never seen even and met in reality says she loves you and does it in every letter, it is most likely a scam. She wants you to trust her fully and do whatever she asks. Be careful with the words of love. It takes much more than letters to fall in love, especially when it comes to women from Ukraine.

Your girl never has time for a video call

If you communicate with a lady for some time and have only exchanged letters, you must see her on video. It is crucial because you don’t even imagine how many profiles on dating sites are fake and you pay to communicate with no one knows who. Thus, insist on a video call the soonest.

It is normal to be busy, and if she says she has a lot of work or her child is ill at the moment, it doesn’t mean she is scamming you. Everyone is busy and everyone doesn’t have a chance to talk too often. However, if she keeps repeating the same things, you must be concerned. Turning her video cam on and spending just a couple of minutes talking to you won’t take much time and moreover, she must be also interested in seeing how you look in real life.

Stop wasting time on letters when a woman cannot find time for at least one video call, you might be talking to someone who isn’t in her profile photos. The same concerns the situations when a lady tells you she doesn’t have a laptop, smartphone, or WiFi at home. Her phone is old and the internet is too expensive in Ukraine.

Remember one thing, guys, if you have ever been to Ukraine, you could notice that all women have the latest smartphones, quite often even better than you have. None of them is using the old ones. Everyone has unlimited Internet at home just like you do. So when you hear such fairy tales, be sure this woman is scamming you and, by all means, stop talking to her.

What is not a scam?

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When being too cautious about Ukrainian brides, men often suspect every lady they meet of being a scammer. Of course, you shouldn’t do it, and here are a couple of tips for you to realize that not everything you don’t really like is a scam:

  • She refuses to share her contacts before the meeting. Real Ukrainian brides are also cautious about western men and they face many married guys or even predators. If she is communicating with you on video calls often and see she is real, respect her wish and wait until she meets you in person;
  • You found her on social media, but she didn’t accept your invitation. You know that each dating site has its rules concerning personal contacts exchange. If a woman has never agreed to share her contacts and you have never even asked her but decided to find her on social media and avoid the rules, sorry, but those are your problems. She has a right to reject your communication there because she has never agreed for switching contact details at the moment;
  • You were rejected after the meeting. Well, when you meet someone in person, this is only your first real date and no one can promise or guarantee you relationships or marriage. A woman has a right to reject or not like you in person and it doesn’t mean she is a scammer.

Never send money to anyone you don’t know!

If you don’t want to be scammed, you won’t be. Scammers abuse your trust and if you are too naïve, they will use it. You are an adult man who cannot be naïve. If you don’t want to waste your money and time, just pay attention to red flags and never send money to women you have never met. It will save not your wallet only but your nerves! Always act rationally and don’t let emotions dazzle your common sense. Good luck!