Your guide on American dating culture

Your guide on American dating culture

April 8, 2021 0 By wpadm

Native American women are not for dating. This is what many Americans believe. Is that really so? You are afraid of an American woman while so many foreigners approach them and are eager to date. American girls might not be the easiest women to get and handle, but they’re still women who want your attention and relationships with you.

Find out what dating an American girl is like, what she wants from you, and whether you can find a good girl on a free American dating site. This information might turn your image of American dating culture upside down.

What is American dating culture like?

Like many people are captivated by the United States, lots of guys and girls wonder what it is like to date a Native American woman. The dating culture in America is different from the rest of the world, and you will be happy to learn that it is much simpler, although there are its difficulties and pitfalls.

Women in this country are very open and independent. It means that, unlike in many other countries, they don’t accept any courtship. If you like a woman and decide to surprise her with a bunch of flowers, she won’t accept them and will consider you to be weak.

Everything happens much easier, and if a girl from America likes you, she can tell this to you herself and ask you out. Everyone is equal in this country, both men and women can share the bills, and you don’t have to worry about paying for her taxi. Lots of men from other countries adore this scene because they don’t put too much effort into impressing Native American women.

Many Americans lack romance in relationships though and want to express themselves like alpha males while American alpha females don’t let them do this. American women cannot afford any weaknesses, so don’t expect to show your gentlemen’s habits much.

Who are Native American women?

american dating culture

These are women who were born in the United States and have an American mindset. These girls are proud, free, open, and happy with who they are. American women are independent and don’t need men’s help to live and enjoy their lives.

They are often feministic instead of being feminine; however, there are lots of very beautiful women and many guys pursue Native American women dating. They adore their personality traits and the peculiarities of their behavior. Guys coming to the United States from Europe are excited about these women because they are really different from European girls.

Find out below what kind of mentality American women have and why some guys admire them while others just hate.

They are free and independent

One of the most common features of American girls is that they are independent and absolutely free. They don’t need anyone’s opinion and don’t care about what others think about them. If she wants to dance on a table, she will do that.

An American girl can easily go to the mall or food store in her pajamas and doesn’t care about anything and anyone. These girls do what they want and are not biased by anyone’s opinion. Such independence and freedom excite and scare men at the same time.

An American girl knows what she wants

If you are afraid of drama queens or girls who cannot figure out what they want, you can start dating an American woman and will see that she is always aware of her wishes and needs. Dating an American girl means being told about everything she wants from you.

For example, if she wants you to kiss her, she will just tell you this very directly without any doubt. American girls tell boys that they like them, want to kiss them, and even when they want something more than just a kiss.

This peculiarity and openness of American women attract many men who are tired of guessing what their girlfriends want and need. This is one of the best benefits of dating American women. You don’t have to guess or do anything, they do everything themselves.

You are never bored

Dating an American girl means having diversity in everything. Your dates are full of joy and fun. They are not some serious women who only want to go to museums or galleries. These girls love different things and are never tired of taking you to various places.

Moreover, your American girlfriend will surely have a great sense of humor and laugh a lot. Wouldn’t you like to have a girlfriend who makes you laugh? This is a dream of many guys. No, when dating your American woman, you are never bored and have a lot of fun always.

You have to comply with her requirements

The pleasant things are over, so it’s time to find out everything about the shortcomings of American women dating. No matter how fun and open American girls are, they are quite demanding. They are looking for a man to comply with their requirements and meet their highest expectations. You may not doubt that their expectations are high.

Lots of guys say that American women are high-maintenance and all of them are gold-diggers. This is, of course, not true. Gold-diggers can be met anywhere, even among the most modest girls. However, having high standards and requirements is not a crime, and you cannot judge anyone for that. 

You, perhaps, have your expectations also. Just think that a woman earns well, has some achievements, good income, and is independent in her life. What kind of man does this woman need? Of course, a successful and self-confident one, otherwise, she would better be alone.

Therefore, if you are afraid of too high requirements of American women, you can google some information about women in other countries. Girls in all corners of the world nowadays need something from men. They are not an easy catch and want to date only those men who comply with their expectations. Are American women different? Not really, they just want the best for themselves. This is what everyone on earth wants and this is their right not to agree for less.

Find love on a free American dating site

free american dating site

If you are not a very sociable person and find it difficult to initiate contact with women, you can apply for online dating. Many American girls use social networks. Not many, everyone probably, so you can get in touch with girls from your area, for example. The good thing is that you can see their marital statuses and photos at once. You can even see whether you have some common friends or interests.

If you are rejected on social media all the time and are about to despair, wait a bit and think about alternatives. American women also use dating sites or apps. You can always install one of them and create a profile. Nothing will happen if you try and who knows, you may find a good American girl for dating.

However, everything depends on what kind of sites and apps you use. According to statistics, just one of ten profiles on Tinder is real, others are fake. Thus, be careful not to waste your time. It is also necessary to understand that when you use a free app or site, the profiles are not verified and you never know who you are communicating with.

In order to avoid misunderstandings on your free American dating site, you should follow a couple of rules and make sure your search is absolutely safe.

Talk to girls on video

When using a dating app, you often don’t have any other options but sending winks, liking photos, or just exchanging messages. Don’t neglect to use the sites where you can video call your woman. First of all, not everyone looks like in his or her profile photos and you must verify this. Otherwise, when you go on a real date, you might be really disappointed.

Both of you can be disappointed with each other if you haven’t seen each other previously. Moreover, don’t forget about the scam. Who knows who might be hiding behind her profile photos, so seeing this person on video before having a real date is much recommended.

Don’t hurry to provide your personal information

Online dating is always related to many risks. If you hurry to give your personal or contact information too soon, you risk being scammed. Dating sites or apps are a good option for your confidentiality. You can communicate on the site as long as you wish until you are really sure that this woman is a good person.

It is also recommended to meet in a public crowded place for your first date. This way, you can feel fully secured and if anything goes wrong, there will be many people around who might help. When you use American dating sites, it is always a certain risk because many people may abuse your trust.

After knowing about all the pros and cons of American women, you can make your decision whether you can handle them or not!