The truth about international dating sites

The truth about international dating sites

Have you ever thought of international dating? With the growth of demand for foreign brides, the number of international dating sites is also increasing every day. It means that people want to date and marry men and women from other countries. Why do we see such a trend? Are there not enough ladies in your country if you want to consider someone from another country?

You must have your reasons for that while everyone has his or her reasons. In Slavic countries, for example, many women are not satisfied with local men. Besides, the number of females much exceeds the number of males in many countries.

Western men are not happy with local women. They don’t like their values or attitude to men. All these factors make people look for international dating websites and try their luck with people from other countries. Why are international dating sites good for marriage and where to find the best ones for your search? Find it and much more out right now.

How to find legitimate international dating sites

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The internet is teeming with various dating sites. Once you open your browser and request an international dating site, you see many offers and many appealing promises. All of them guarantee you a 100% result and the best wife ever. You cannot be so naïve though and don’t trust each service you see. It is crucial to find a legitimate international dating website and the one that will fulfill its obligations.

First of all, you should check whether a site is registered under the legislation of one of the countries. Check its jurisdiction and actual address. It is very important to see what their channels of communication are and find out whether they are responsive or not. If there is a phone number mentioned on their site, try to call there and see whether it works and someone replies.

In case they mention an email or live chat support, check these channels and wait to receive a reply. If there is live chat, the replies must be prompt within working hours. If you never hear back from them, you should think twice before using this international dating website. Just imagine that you have a problem with payments or one of the women. If the administration of the site isn’t too responsive, how will they solve your issue? Right, you will be left with your problems face to face.

What is the best international dating site?

It is very difficult not to get lost in such a variety of services and it is not very easy to pick your best website. The answer is very simple. You should choose the site that has all those functions suitable for you. It’s possible to evaluate international dating sites by many criteria. Someone prefers dating sites with an automatic prolongation of their membership, i.e. recurring payments, others prefer buying a membership for six months or even a yearly subscription.

You may prefer the sites with video chat options while someone wants to exchange messages. Everything depends on your preferences and personal needs. However, there are a couple of criteria we would recommend you to pay attention to when using an international dating site. They are crucial for anyone, and your success may strongly depend on them. See the tips below and decide whether a dating site you are going to use is good for you or you may need to search for something different.

Free registration

It’s not a secret that the best international dating sites are not free. You should purchase your subscription or pay for a membership, various services, etc. It must not concern you because too many employees are involved in international online dating. First of all, there are translation services, managers who verify members’ profiles, customer support, and many other people who arrange a comfortable and smooth experience for you.

These professionals cannot work for free and since you want women to be verified well, it is natural you should pay some fee for it. However, a free registration is a must. It is not recommended to pick international dating sites where you must make a shot in the dark. You know nothing about the service you are going to use and you don’t even know whether you will like some of their women.

Paying for becoming their member is not reasonable. It might be a waste of money if you don’t like any woman on the site or how their work isn’t suitable for what you expected.

That’s why it is recommended to pick a website where you can register for free and have some trial period to realize whether this site is good for you or not.

Women gallery

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All international dating sites post amazing profiles of very beautiful foreign ladies. It is very easy to get captivated by them. You shouldn’t do it though and must pay attention to the women’s gallery. Once again, we recommend picking the websites where women’s profiles are free to browse and open.

Many sites have a closed gallery and you must pay to view their photos. It will be another shot in the dark because everyone must see who is there on the site and whether you like them or not. It is better to pick an international dating website where you can browse everyone’s profile and photos for free.

Another thing to pay attention to is ladies’ photos. For example, if all of them look like models and have half-naked pictures, it should warn you. Of course, women want to attract men’s attention, but serious girls who are looking for husbands cannot pose in very open clothes or lingerie. Moreover, the gallery must include photos of ladies of different age groups and appearances.

There should not be only young models but women for seniors and those who are not only slim but curvy and of other body types. Choose a website that offers you a wide choice of potential partners, not only young and hot models in lingerie.

Pricing models

The best international dating site cannot be free as you already understood. Even those platforms that present themselves like free sites still charge for subscriptions, and you have to pay for your membership anyways. Reputable dating sites cannot be cheap because they work on the improvement of their services and meeting the demands of customers on both ends.

However, you should choose the websites that meet your pricing expectations. For example, some sites make you buy subscriptions. If you purchase a one-year subscription, you will be charged monthly because of recurring payments. It means that even if you don’t use the site anymore, you will still be charged.

Other sites have a credit system. It means that you can buy a certain bunch of credits that  will never expire even if you don’t use the site for a while. Those credits can be used for different services, such as mailing, text or video chatting, gifts, watching videos, etc. It is very convenient because you always know how much you used and see your balance right in your profile. Everything is clear and transparent. Pick the pricing system that is the most suitable for you and make sure there are no recurring payments, so you are not charged when not using the site anymore. Check the terms and conditions before making payments.

Video chat options

Of course, communication by letters is very convenient and romantic, also very cheap. However, you should pick an international dating site with video chat or Skype calls options. Just imagine if you communicate with a girl on one of the sites for a long time, her profile photos are wonderful and letters are very appealing to you. After a couple of months or even years of such mailing, you finally meet in person.

You go half a planet to her country and finally see her. Here the worst disappointment comes! What if you totally don’t like her in person? You don’t like her voice, facial expressions, how she smells, and many other things. This will be a total waste of time and your hard-earned money. Such situations can be easily avoided when using a video chat option.

It is recommended to subscribe to websites offering such features. Yes, they are more expensive than just exchanging emails. It will save you a bunch of money though in case you don’t like how your woman looks on video! She might not like you in reality as well. You both should save your time, money, and prevent yourself from the biggest disappointment in your life and start talking on video the soonest. Pick only those international dating websites that offer such an opportunity.

Contact exchange

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We recommend checking the terms and conditions of your dating site beforehand and see what kind of contact exchange policy they have. For example, some sites offer you packages where you can have a personal contact exchange with a selected number of women. Others provide you with her contact details after you write a certain number of letters or have several video calls with this lady. On some websites, you can simply purchase contacts of a lady you are in touch with, etc.

Make sure to learn everything about their contact details exchange policy before you start using the site. On many websites, providing your direct contact information in letters is forbidden. If you do it without being aware of the policy, your information will be automatically hidden and your profile might be deleted from the site.

Anti-scam policy

Last but not least, we recommend you check the anti-scam policy of the site you are going to use. International online dating is, unfortunately, full of scams. Even on the most reputable dating websites where all users are manually verified, you can come across a scammer. They are very creative and tricky, and even the administration of the best international dating websites can be trapped by them.

If such situations happen, the site must take measures. Exactly for this case, there should be an anti-scam policy that will protect you and your funds from various gold-diggers. Check it before you start using the site and make sure you are fully protected.

Payment methods are also important

International dating websites have various payment options. You should see which ones they offer to be sure it is convenient and good for you. The most important thing is your safety, so make sure the site of your choice offers secure and well-known payment options.

Someone prefers paying by PayPal while others are used to doing it by their credit or debit cards. Check what kind of options are available on the site to avoid misunderstandings and inconveniences in the future.

We hope these simple tips will help you choose your best international dating website and make your experience successful and unforgettable. Good luck with your international search!