Need someone special? Welcome to Myspecialdates!

Need someone special? Welcome to Myspecialdates!

April 8, 2021 0 By wpadm

In the modern world of chaos caused by the pandemic waves, people tend to avoid social contacts. Every day we hear multiple warnings that large gatherings and close personal contact are dangerous for our health. Thus, we are forced to stay isolated. But what about bonding with others? We all need communication, care, and that simple human happiness born out of the feeling of being important for someone else.

Luckily for us, there exist special services meant to help people connect despite any obstacles. We are talking about online dating platforms like Here, within a large community of like-minded members, you can find a person you have been looking for, be it a girlfriend or a wife.

Why prefer online dating to meeting people traditionally?

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Online dating isn’t a new phenomenon. Since the 1940s, traditional acquaintances (in the neighborhood, church or through family) have been gradually declining. According to sociological research conducted in 2017, 39% of heterosexual couples met their significant other online while in 2009, the rate was 22%.  Internet dating flourished due to two main reasons: development of the graphical web and considerable spread of smartphones.

So, let’s see what makes cyber dating so demanded:

  • Excellent for special population groups like LGBTQ+ that may be stigmatized by their everyday surroundings;
  • It increases the possibility of interacting with people from various cultural backgrounds;
  • It breaks any barriers, be it age, distance, race, or nation;
  • Broad choice of potential partners makes us more confident of success;
  • It gives you freedom and flexibility since you can date whenever and whoever you want;
  • It saves your time, nerve, money, and effort;
  • Rejection in virtual reality feels less acutely.

How can I know I will meet my only one?

Well, that’s all about the service you choose. If you want to be dating in the safest cyber pool, you have to pick a trustworthy dating platform like Here, everything is gathered in one bottle — passionate Slavic ladies, secure atmosphere, awesome communication options, and constant guidance of the Support Team you can count on every night and day.

What makes this platform great is that all its members come from Slavic countries. The number of women largely outnumber men, which means that it will be easy for you to find a lady according to your preferences. Then, the search functions quickly and effortlessly — if you know who exactly you are looking for and apply appropriate parameters, you will have no troubles looking for your significant other.

Is Myspecialdates a matchmaking service?

To some extent, yes. Based on your needs and requirements, the search engine delivers profiles that suit you the most. That is why, if you want to succeed in your online search for love, realize your goals first. Also, it’s vital to remember that to get awesome results, you have to properly complete your own dating profile. The point is that exactly your dating profile is the basis for your potential matches’ search. Thus, the more accurately you complete it, the more appropriate matches you will receive.

To start, do the following

How do you register with this site? There is nothing hard or special about the procedure. First of all, it’s free, which is already great since you can try the service before deciding whether to continue using it. You will be asked to enter some basic data about yourself like the date you were born, name, a working email, and create a nice password to protect your account. We recommend that you indicate a proper email since you’ll get free credits for verifying it. To do that, just click the link in the letter you’ll find in your inbox. 

After this, press the button saying “Find my matches,” and in several seconds, the system will show who you are compatible with. However, these results are simplified and to get a better compatibility, complete your profile to create a full image of yourself. This will help you better realize your aim of staying on the platform as well as it will help other users to get to know you better and decide whether to contact you.

Searching for a match is super easy

To find your dream woman amidst thousands of Slavic belles, make use of specially designed filters. You can apply quick filters (based on a girl’s ID, age, and online/offline status) or detailed ones (here, you can enlist all the characteristics you find necessary). Don’t be lazy and tick all the boxes meaningful to you, which will guarantee that a girl you meet online is truly your match.

Great! The search engine has delivered several women to you and you are at a loss. What to do next? Should you wait unless your belles notice you and send you a message or should you text them first? The rule of the thumb is to be active and decisive. Just imagine how many other cyber daters want to get acquainted with your possible matches! Moreover, if your profile isn’t that brilliant (read below how to make it shine), chances are low that a Slavic beauty will choose you as a suitor.

Creating an attractive profile

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Approach this step seriously since it’s crucial in determining your success. Stick to the following guidelines:

  • Fill in all the necessary fields. The site’s Team has carefully considered all the components of your online profile, so make sure you write all the necessary info.
  • Talk about relevant issues and remain honest. Bitter truth is better than sweet lies, remember that.
  • Add only recent and quality photos. Your face should be seen perfectly well and you should pose there alone. Avoid pictures promoting your image of a Don Juan.
  • Mention the things that make you unique. Keep in mind that your task is to stand out from the crowd of cyber competitors. Spice your self-description with humor — it drives women crazy.
  • As for your speech, it should be flawless or close to it. Proofread your text as well as the messages you are going to send. Illiteracy won’t give you additional points; also, avoid explicit phrases or rude offensive jokes.

Get in touch with her ASAP!

Now that the system has provided you with the most suitable matches based on your self-bio and preferences set by corresponding filters, it’s time to message your beautiful ladies! Slavic girls like decisive and active men whose words are reflected through action, so they would definitely appreciate your initiative. Myspecialdates gives you the following opportunities of getting in touch with your potential matches.

In the first place, you can send messages and letters. While messages are great for instant communication with online members, you are welcome to write a letter if you want to tell your crush something special and more private. Don’t think that you are limited to symbols only. Add pictures, send audio and video files, express your emotions with the help of winks and emoticons.

Furthermore, you can surprise your significant other by sending her a real gift you pick from the site’s catalogue. The prices are average, and when a girl gets your present, you will receive a pic of her with your gift. This way, you can be sure that the surprise has been successfully delivered right to the addressee. If, on the contrary, it hasn’t been delivered, your funds will be transferred back to your account. Also, if you have communicated with your belle for a long period of time and want to take a step further, why not ask for her contact details?

This will give you a possibility of communicating with her outside the platform (note that according to the lady’s decision, you will get either her email or phone number). Should everything flow smoothly at this stage too, you can come to meet your fascinating match in person! Right you are, you can organize a face-to-face meeting in the city your woman lives. No need to worry, the site’s representatives will help you to set up a perfect date!

Tell me about the prices

We guess you won’t be surprised to hear that like any other trustworthy service, is a partially paid platform that functions on the basis of credits. You pay only for the services you are using, and you can learn more about prices in their Terms and Conditions. Yet, there is a good piece of news for you. After registration, verifying your email address and completing your profile, you get free credits that you can use to check how the site functions.

If you like how everything functions, you are welcome to buy a credit package according to your needs. What else do you get together with access to the site’s services? Premium customer support 24/7 as well as 100% security and safety. Unless you share your contact, login, or bank card details with any third party, this info is absolutely confidential.

Summing up

Nothing is impossible when you have a goal and are determined to reach it. Thus, if you are struggling with loneliness at the moment, register on Myspecialdates and dive into the world of love and fresh impressions! Only the most charming Slavic ladies longing for your attention!