Ukrainian wife: happiness or disaster?

Ukrainian wife: happiness or disaster?

April 8, 2021 0 By wpadm

International marriages have become extremely popular nowadays. You can find lots of examples in your country for sure. Someone takes a woman from South America, other men marry British girls while you might want a Ukrainian wife. Such marriages have lots of benefits and often, are much stronger than unions between two people from the same country.

If you want to find a Ukrainian wife, it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons first. Everything is not as easy as you may think. The process is quite time-consuming and for many men, pretty exhausting. Find out all the benefits and drawbacks of meeting a Ukrainian wife right now.

What if your wife is Ukrainian?

Many western guys don’t only think of it but even dream of having a Ukrainian wife. Of course, they have read lots of posts and saw many good examples that prove such a wife is a blessing for a man. Ukrainians make perfect wives. They are beautiful and well-cared. Any man will envy you having such a spouse.

They are wonderful housewives, so you can be sure to be one of the happiest men on earth. Of course, these are just a couple of qualities you can admire. When you decide to marry a Ukrainian woman, you should know lots of other things about them other than that.

They are caring and loving

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Ukrainian wives are really supportive, caring, and loving. Of course, it doesn’t happen at once. During the stage of dating, they evaluate your attitude to them. Once you prove to love and need your woman, they open themselves fully.

Your Ukrainian wife will always make sure you have a good breakfast and dinner, pack a lunch for you not to be hungry at work. Your house will always be clean and cozy when you have a Ukrainian wife. They are perfect housewives, and these girls don’t find it difficult to clean the house, cook food, or wash your clothes. This is what they are taught to do from the very childhood.

No matter what, a wife supports her husband. They say in Ukraine that a man is the head of the family while a wife is its neck. It means that a man is a leader in any family while a woman is guiding him in the right direction. Wherever the neck wants, the head turns. The task of any wife from Ukraine is to guide and support her husband in anything. It is crucial to be his hope and muse for a woman.

If you are a successful man who wants to improve his status and start something new to reach new results and heights, be sure that your Ukrainian wife will always support you in your decisions. They are very wise and it makes it easy for any man to live with such a lady.

Apart from that, a wife in Ukrainian culture is loving. When she loves you, she is fully committed and devoted to you. Ukrainian women love unconditionally. You will feel it in each of her actions and every single day.

They lead active and healthy lifestyles

If you have never been sporty, get ready to bring yourself to shape and start an active lifestyle. This is what Ukrainian wives are used to. They are very active. These girls love sports, walking, dancing, cycling, traveling. You will never get bored.

Moreover, most Ukrainian wives eat healthy food and take care of their health and bodies. Your spouse will take care of you and your health as well. You will be fed with the best and most tasty dishes ever. By the way, women from Ukraine pay attention to what products they buy also. If you have never had time to be selective on what you eat and pay attention to the quality of your nutrition, now your wife will take care of it.

Ukrainian wives are hardworking

Do not think that once your wife comes to your country, she starts sitting at home and becomes a housewife who will only cook, clean, wash, and raise your children. All this is natural for them and is a part of their lives. However, these women have a unique ability to combine their family life and careers.

If your wife has a good education and degree, if she is a professional, she will not be able to sit at home all the time. Your spouse will definitely want to work and be independent to help you with a family budget. This is their normal way of life to manage everything — their homes and careers.

You will hardly meet a lazy Ukrainian wife. These ladies are very hardworking and know how to earn money and keep their homes cozy and clean. They used to work a lot at home as well as provide for themselves, so you might be surprised your woman is very hardworking.

The cons of having Ukrainian wives

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Of course, having a Ukrainian spouse is great for anyone. They can make any man happy regardless of where he lives or comes from. However, there are certain challenges you will face when you decide to meet a Ukrainian wife. You must be ready for them, and if you are not patient enough to overcome them, you may not need to start your search even.

Language and culture

You must realize that when you meet a woman from another country, there will be always a language and cultural barrier. You may adore her culture and customs. Ukrainian traditions are really great; however, they are different than yours. These differences sometimes play dirty jokes on you both.

If she doesn’t speak your language, you will have to wait until she learns it or you learn her language. Most likely, she will learn English faster than you manage to figure out how to pronounce at least a couple of Russian or Ukrainian words. Although in some time, you both will learn to understand each other and figure out the peculiarities of each other’s cultures, it won’t happen immediately.

Therefore, you need patience because nothing will happen at once and your Ukrainian wife will need to learn and get used to your country. You need time to do the same.

Visa issues and distance

Once you meet your future Ukrainian wife, you should start the process of taking her to your country. This is a long and exhausting process. She won’t be able to come and work in your country at once. It means that you must arrange an immigration lawyer and pay visa expenses for your woman.

But before you both apply for a visa, there will be a long process of distant relationships. You will hardly be able to come to Ukraine every month while she won’t come to your country. It means you will need to communicate on the phone or video calls every day before you are able to meet again.

Traveling back and forth and meeting in other places, such as resorts, will be a must, so you must be ready for it. Some people wait from six months to two years to receive their fiancée visa and move to the States. These two years might be the longest in your life.


As you can imagine, traveling back and forth is complicated and quite expensive. In Ukrainian culture, men always bear the expenses of their women, so don’t expect her to pay for her trips. Moreover, her Ukrainian salary will hardly allow her to do that. You will need to pay for everything until she moves to your country.

However, your expenses don’t stop there. When she moves, she doesn’t work because she simply doesn’t have permission. Usually, women are able to work in six months after moving to your country. If she doesn’t speak English, she might not find a job that easily.

It means that when your Ukrainian wife comes to your country, you will have to fully provide for her. Your responsibility will be to arrange English and driving lessons for her, and if she wants to work further, then it might be necessary for her to study and get some qualification.

This all is possible and all couples go through it successfully. However, it takes time and some money until everything is solved. It concerns not only wives from Ukraine but any other country. When she moves to your country, you bear full responsibility for her and her further life.

Where to meet a Ukrainian wife

Online dating sites would be a great Ukrainian wife finder. You can meet thousands of serious and family-oriented ladies from Ukraine who are eager to marry foreigners and move abroad. Such dating sites make you acquainted with women, give you all communication options, help with translation, and even arrange your meetings.

All you need to do is create a profile, provide some information about yourself, and start communicating with the most suitable ladies. If you compared all the pros and cons and still believe there are more benefits for you, then start looking for your Ukrainian wife right now.