Ukrainian women dating guide

Ukrainian women dating guide

April 8, 2021 0 By wpadm

Nearly every second American man is dreaming of dating Ukrainian women. It happens because they follow the example of some of their friends who married girls from Ukraine and took them to the United States. They can see these wonderful women and how lucky those men are. Naturally, everyone wants to get such a wife and be proud of her.

Not everyone manages to succeed with Ukrainian women though. The truth is they come from another country, thus, they speak a different language, have a slightly different culture, and approaching them has nothing to do with approaching western girls.

Ukrainian culture on dating women is different from yours and before you start your search, you should be aware of it. Ukrainian women are, of course, perfect for dating, but you must know how to do it and what to expect from them. This post is devoted exactly to Ukrainian women dating and hopefully, it will help you understand how to behave with your lady from this beautiful part of the world so that she would want to become your girlfriend.

How do they date in Ukraine?

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This country is slightly different from yours and definitely, you have no idea what local women want and expect from men. If you have some friends who married women from Ukraine and now happily live in your area, you can ask them how they approached their wives. You will see that Ukrainian culture on dating women is special and not like that in your area.

The Ukrainian dating scene is special. It is wonderful and very old-fashioned. People in the western world are used to doing everything quickly and directly so that they have already lost those wonderful romantic traditions that must be present in any relationship. In Ukraine, everything is more traditional yet. Here is how they date in Ukraine.

They appreciate courtship

The process of courting a woman is alive in Ukraine. When dating Ukrainian women, guys must conquer them first. Of course, each man has his own tactics and ways of approaching girls. Someone sends many gifts and flowers to his girl while other men are confident alpha males having very high self-esteem and sure that they can have any woman.

Anyways, conquering a woman is a must and it is up to you how to do it. Flowers for your lady are a must even if there is no occasion. If you ask a girl out, bringing flowers for your date is a must. They don’t give up that easily and look at your behavior. You shouldn’t give up early also because your girl might find a more persistent male.

Paying the dating bills is your responsibility

In Ukrainian dating culture, men are the ones to pay all dating bills and her taxis. Yes, you most likely used to date open and direct American girls who don’t mind sharing the bills and have no problem paying for their taxis or even whole dates. It doesn’t work in Ukraine. A man who expects a woman to pay for herself on a date is considered a cheapskate. Yes, a woman will pay, but she will hardly go on a second date with you. You won’t simply hear from her again.

Thus, when coming to Ukraine, you should never expect a woman to pay for herself, and don’t forget that she doesn’t have to pay for her taxi to your date and back home either. This is a must and a part of the dating culture.

Where to meet Ukrainian women for dating

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The most proven way to find your Ukrainian woman is online dating. Thousands of Ukrainian women join dating sites to meet their foreign husbands. You will see many beautiful, smart, and simply gorgeous ladies who are eager to meet foreigners and move to their countries.

Yes, this is one of the most proven and efficient methods of finding a Ukrainian woman. It is also one of the trickiest ways. You should be careful when using those dating sites for meeting women from Ukraine, so below, you will find a couple of tips that will help you in your search and success with one of the best women in the world.

Investigate a site

What does it mean? There are hundreds of various dating sites that seem to offer you real Ukrainian women for dating and marriage. There are thousands of Ukrainian women on dating sites, however, it doesn’t mean each of those sites will be efficient and helpful.

The truth is scammers never sleep and wait for their new victims. It means that you must pick a site where you will feel protected and be sure that nothing will become an obstacle to your happy future with a Ukrainian woman. Even though those sites might promise a lot, it is better to check it yourself.

First of all, pick a very credible dating site that is recommended by some experts or other users. You can simply browse its title online and see what kind of reviews it has. If there are no reviews at all, it is strange because users usually leave their opinions with pleasure. In other words, choose the sites that are proven by other users or experts.

Create a valuable profile

When using online dating to meet Ukrainian women, you should present yourself well. You are really captivated by multiple profiles of such stunning and charming ladies but don’t forget about yours, too. Ukrainian women pay a lot of attention to your profile, and they will hardly be interested in someone having no photos or information in his profile.

Upload a good picture and provide as much information as possible about you. They must see who they are talking to. Remember that beautiful women will always get attention from men, so you have some competition on the site. You are not in the shop where you can pick any bride you wish, so stand out of the crowd.

Don’t complain about the prices on the site

Western culture is different and frankly speaking, Ukrainian women hate when men complain about how expensive everything is. If you joined this dating site, you are well aware of its rules and prices. You want to have a beautiful woman and avoid scammers, so the site cannot be free.

Once you start complaining about the prices and ask her for her contacts the soonest, you will hardly hear from your Ukrainian beauty again. If she wanted to exchange contacts with the very first foreigner and move to his country the soonest, she would simply meet men on social networks. You should have no doubts these girls receive a lot of inquiries there.

However, these women want to meet verified men who are not afraid of responsibility. If you are not ready to use a serious dating site with serious women, then go to free platforms or install free dating apps and communicate with anyone you wish. If you decide to access the catalog of women who are really interested in dating foreigners, you should accept terms and conditions.

Ukrainian women are very strong inside, and they don’t want to complain about anything. When they meet a moaning man who cannot keep all his difficulties and cope with them, they lose hope to meet normal guys for love.

Use a video chat option instead of constant messages

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Most dating sites for meeting Ukrainian women offer multiple communication options. You can both send letters and communicate in a text or video chat. It is recommended to talk on video instead of constantly messaging each other. First of all, profile photos are great but they don’t give you a full impression about a person as well as letters.

Seeing how your woman looks in reality is a must, especially if you are afraid of scammers. You might not like each other during the meeting, so in order not to waste your time and money, talk on video, see each other’s facial expressions, gestures, hear voices, etc. There is one more option to pick video chats instead of letters.

Ukrainian women don’t like being overwhelmed with messages and long letters and they prefer live communication so to say. They are right because you really may not get to know a person in letters. It is always better to see once than read multiple times.

Don’t think that communication on the site guarantees relationships

You may have wonderful communication with your Ukrainian woman on a dating site. It is understandable that you fell in love with her letters and liked how she looks on cam. However, Ukrainian women don’t think it is enough for a real relationship and dating.

They want to meet you in person first. If you have communicated for six months or even a year and decided to meet in person, congratulations because you will finally have your first date. For these women, it will be exactly a first date, and don’t hope for more. Remember they are not easy to approach and are very realistic. Prove your intentions first and then dating a Ukrainian woman will be the best period in your life!