Must-know things about Ukrainian dating

Must-know things about Ukrainian dating

April 8, 2021 0 By wpadm

If you have ever been to Ukraine, you could easily notice how stunning and beautiful women there are. If you ever tried to approach a local woman, you could also see that dating in Ukraine is different from that in your country and girls are not easy to impress. Have you never been to Ukraine?

Then you should learn something about Ukrainian dating before going there. Someone believes dating a girl from Ukraine is impossible and they never accept western guys. Everything is possible, gentlemen; however, you should know some secrets first.

Find out why Ukrainian women are perfect for dating and why they may not suit you at all. Learn how and where you can meet one of them to succeed.

Why are Ukrainian women perfect for you?

Dating a Ukrainian girl is a lot of fun. They are smart, beautiful, fit, slender, and very passionate with their men. It is not easy to get all this though because they don’t agree to date you just because you are a foreigner who wants it badly. No worries, later in this post, you will learn how to approach these girls and get all the benefits from your relationship.

You shouldn’t doubt that those perks are multiple. You might have met some guys who brought one of the Ukrainian women to your country and they could tell you everything about how happy they are and why exactly. If you haven’t met such guys in your country, then find out yourself right now.

They always take care of themselves

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You will, probably, never see a woman in any other corner of the globe who would take such good care of herself in any situation. Everyone says Ukrainian women are stunning, gorgeous, and beautiful. It is not because they are all born fancy models. Not at all. Most girls have very casual appearances and don’t have any special facial features.

They just know the secrets of being beautiful and it is not about beauty at all. No matter what, most girls in Ukraine love themselves. Even if you see a curvy or overweight lady, she is always well-cared and looks outstanding. This is their national distinguishing feature. These girls just know how to look great.

They never afford to go out somehow carelessly-dressed or without makeup. They know that they should always look gorgeous. To some extent, this happens because of high competition. In Ukraine, there are more women than men, so it is difficult to find a man for dating in this country. Thus, these girls are always ready to meet and impress a man.

Many guys believe that Ukraine is like a podium and just slim, tall fancy models with long hair and on high heels are walking the streets of this country. This myth must be dispelled right now. Don’t expect all Ukrainian girls to wear long hair, short skirts, and high heels.

They do but not every day, for an occasion only. You will see girls with different hair lengths and of different body types when coming to Ukraine. They wear jeans, sneakers, and sporty clothes as well. However, they look gorgeous even when wearing all this because they are always stylish and have a very good taste.

They are very caring and educated

Girls in Ukraine are fun to date because you will never get bored. First of all, they are very educated. Nowadays, these ladies tend to study and get their degree and career before starting a family, so before they turn 25-30, they might already have several degrees. Their personalities are very versatile so that you will find it very interesting and captivating talking to them.

Their intelligence impresses many men and for that reason, they find them fascinating to talk to and discuss any topic. They are really well aware of many things and can support any conversation.

Ukrainian girls are perfect for dating because they are very caring girlfriends. You must have heard that they are wonderful wives and mothers but they are also great girlfriends and fiancés. A woman from Ukraine takes care of her boyfriend, supports him, and wants him to be always well-fed and groomed. She will ensure it. You can be sure that your mother will love her because her son is in decent hands.

The disadvantages of Ukrainian women dating

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Now, as you see how gorgeous and admirable these women are, can there be any downsides of dating a girl from Ukraine? Of course, they are not perfect. For someone, they are wonderful while for other guys, they turn into a real disaster.

Therefore, dating a girl from Ukraine is totally not for you if you:

  • Want everything to be easy. Unfortunately, without really hard efforts, you will hardly conquer a Ukrainian girl. Approaching them isn’t that easy and requires time. If you have no patience to show her your attention, send flowers, and simply prove that you need her, you have no chances;
  • Think that your citizenship is enough for her to marry you. The biggest mistake of American guys is to believe that each Ukrainian woman will be happy to date him just because she wants to leave her country the soonest and get a green card. Don’t hurry up, guys, because Ukrainian girls have a very decent life and work hard for it. They will date and marry only those guys who deserve it;
  • Want a passionate woman at once. The truth is girls from Ukraine seem very cold at the beginning. You might think she is not very interested in you, however, she is just cautious and must make sure you are the right man. If you are ready to wait and be patient enough, then you will get the most passionate woman ever.

Where to meet a Ukrainian woman for dating

Online dating is very popular in Ukraine nowadays. Lots of women register on international dating sites and hope to meet a foreign husband. No, it’s not because they are looking for a better life. First of all, just a small percentage of women want to date and marry foreigners. Other ladies prefer local men.

Secondly, lots of girls were disappointed with their relationship; so, they want to try their luck with a man from another country. Some girls have been struggling a lot and didn’t get any support from their men; that’s why, they just want some care and security. That’s why women join a Ukrainian dating agency.

Of course, you can also meet a Ukrainian girl when traveling. Lots of them travel abroad often and during one of such trips, you have a chance to find someone decent. However, this is just a very small chance and when doing it on purpose, you will hardly meet someone. This is Murphy’s law. Therefore, it is better to use some more proven ways.

How to use Ukraine dating sites

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Just a lazy person hasn’t used online dating to meet a woman from Ukraine probably. We bet you have tried it as well. There are multiple dating apps and services and anyone can find something for him. However, not each experience of western guys on such sites is successful. Disappointments happen and who knows whose fault it is.

The truth is when you are a newbie on a Ukrainian dating site, everything seems so perfect and so many beautiful women want to get to know you. After spending enough time and money, you don’t get the desired results. It happens, first of all, because you haven’t picked your Ukraine dating service thoroughly.

Yes, there are many sites but not all of them are reliable enough, so you should choose only verified ones. Otherwise, if you are scammed, no one will help you. After picking a good dating site, you must still be careful and pay attention to various red flags.

Red flags to pay attention to

Ukrainian women are very pleasant to communicate with, but they don’t get along easily with men at the beginning. They all need time to get to know you and start dating. Thus, they never speak about their feelings in letters or before they ever meet you. Even during the first meeting, they are quite cold and cautious. 

The truth is you cannot fall in love by just exchanging letters. Even if a woman writes to you about her strong feelings for you, you shouldn’t believe it and better ask yourself whether she is serious. You must request a video chat on any dating site you use to date a Ukrainian girl.

A video call is something that helps you understand whether a woman is real and how she looks behind her profile photos. If your girlfriend doesn’t want to have a video call and finds different excuses all the time, this is a scam. Your woman must be as interested as you to see how you look, hear your voice, and just make sure the person she is talking to is the same person in the photos.

These are the most common red flags to pay attention to. If you are careful enough, then your online dating experience with a Ukrainian woman will be more than successful.