Complete hot Russian brides guide

Complete hot Russian brides guide

April 8, 2021 0 By wpadm

Russian brides are so popular and desired yet so mysterious. Many men dream of those hot Russian brides while not giving it a clue who they are and how to approach them at all. Desiring something you don’t know much about is typical for human nature. However, a relationship is very important and you cannot pick a woman for knowing that she is beautiful and other rumors. You must be well aware of what she can give you and what you should expect from her.

Right now, you will find out everything about hot Russian brides, how much it costs to take a Russian bride to your country, and in what city of Russia you should look for brides. It is important to know all the pros and cons of dating Russian brides because you will make a very long trip to meet her and you cannot fail. There is just one chance to impress your woman, so you must use it to the fullest.

Why are Russian brides so desired in the world?

The stories about Russian beauty are spread all over the globe. Foreigners from various countries tend to come to Russia in search of their dream girlfriends. None of the women on Earth are that popular probably. What’s the secret of those hot Russian brides then?

There is no secret, actually. Everything is quite understandable. Men adore their beauty and family values. However, lots of women in various countries can possess these qualities. There is something more about Russian brides that attracts guys from all over the world. Find out about it right now.

Not beauty but natural charm

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Thinking that all Russian brides are born hot and extremely beautiful is wrong. They don’t look like models and are not all that slender and tall wearing high heels and short skirts like many men imagine. They do, of course, sometimes, when there is a good occasion. However, everything is much simpler.

Russian brides don’t possess any special appearances. They are casual women with absolutely normal appearances. There are very beautiful women among them; some are very slender while others are curvy. There are both short and tall ladies. Some of them wear short hair while others prefer long hair. In other words, Russian brides are different.

However, one of the most distinguishing features of these women is their natural charm. It is in their blood. No matter what they wear and what their body types are, real Russian brides are always very charming. They have acquired this wonderful ability from their mothers and grandmothers. These beauties are so cute because they know how to present themselves.

No matter what the occasion is and what they wear — a dress or jeans — they look gorgeous. Always well-cared, neat, they wear makeup and have great hairstyles. This is what makes them hot no matter whether they go to a party or just throw their garbage.

Exceptional intelligence

You are attracted to sexy Russian brides not only because of their appearance but also because of their brains. They are very smart. Most of them have higher education and even more than one degree. They tend to get a good education no matter what and have a diploma. Previously, Russian brides were getting married early, approximately at the age of 20-23. Some girls got married even at a younger age.

Nowadays, they want to get a good education first. These women study a lot, read books, and have very versatile personalities. Their intelligence makes them extremely sexy. Men adore smart women. However, they are not only about being smart but about making great interlocutors. When your woman is able to maintain any conversation and talk to you on any topic, you don’t even need other mates because you are never bored with your girlfriend.

This makes Russian brides perfect for western men. They keep you interested day by day and you are never tired of talking and finding out something new every day. If you want your relationship with a woman to be always vivid and your passion and interest to never fade away, pick a bride from Russia and you won’t regret it.

Great housewives and independent professionals

You used to believe that if a woman is a great cook and raises your children well, she must be a housewife while you have to work and provide for your family. Russian brides have a unique ability to combine everything in their lives. They make wonderful professionals and even business ladies while being perfect housewives at home.

They can be strict bosses at work and the most tender and loving wives and mothers at home. This is really something not everyone can afford. However, they can and do it successfully. Even if your woman is very busy at work and must run the business, she will always find time to clean the house and cook dinner for you. Moreover, all women from Russia want to have children and consider being mothers the most important role in their lives. You can be sure that your children are taught and educated well because their mother will always take the best care of them.

The best food, hobbies, sports clubs, long walks, and everything children need for the best childhood are ensured when they have a Russian mother.

What city of Russia you should visit to find a bride

Please don’t think that Russian women are the same everywhere in the country. Russia is the biggest country in the world and moreover, it is multinational. If you want to find a Russian bride with exceptional family values, you should know what city to search in.

Thus, the smaller her city is, the better. If you want to find a very traditional and modest Russian bride in Moscow, you will hardly do that. No, don’t worry, women in Moscow aren’t gold-diggers, however, they are not for you if you are going to marry a woman and have a traditional life. The truth is life in Moscow is expensive and people there earn well, especially young men and women.

Those big-city girls are used to a certain lifestyle and have their standards. If you don’t meet them and cannot ensure the life they have in their city, you have no chances. Therefore, if you come from a small city or ranch, have an average income, and want to live quite a quiet life,  you’d better search for a bride in one of the smaller Russian cities.

You must realize that women who are used to a certain way of life and can afford some things, won’t sacrifice their lives for the sake of a foreign man who cannot afford and give them the same things. If you don’t like demanding women, then once again, you should pick someone from a smaller city. Big-city brides are more demanding and much pickier.

Russian brides myths

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There are many rumors and various myths created around beautiful Russian brides. Unfortunately, myths are born all over the world and are rather stereotypes than true. Here is what people often believe and think about brides from Russia and you should know whether this is true or not.

You should just realize that Russian brides are real and they are also human beings. They have the same needs and requirements as all other people in the world. These girls are not some mythical creatures, so you should not believe all those strange things people say about them. Here are the myths we are going to dispel right now.

All Russian brides are gold-diggers

These rumors are spread by many guys who were scammed or just rejected by girls from Russia, probably. However, if all of them were gold-diggers, western men would already stop marrying them as well as their local guys. There are too many happy couples to believe it though. Moreover, they get married not to the richest guys or millionaires but to gentlemen with an average income. It means they

aren’t looking for their money, doesn’t it?

The truth is modern Russian brides have learned how to earn money. They work hard, get a good education, and strive for succeeding in their careers. They buy their own apartments, manage to drive cars, good clothes, jewelry, travel a lot, and do everything to enjoy life no matter how much it will cost them. They need a man who would bear at least some responsibility for them.

If you cannot give your woman at least what she can do herself, she doesn’t need such a man. A man must be a provider and not be just for something. In other words, they are not ready to lower their standards for the sake of a man.

All Russian brides want to escape their country

There is a belief among western men that Russian mail order brides register on dating sites because they live in a terrible country and want to leave it the soonest. They get married with foreigners for the sake of a green card or your citizenship. If you check statistics, you will understand that only 15% of Russian women want to marry foreigners.

The rest don’t even want to consider it because they are happy with local men. Please realize that they have no problems traveling and moving abroad nowadays. There are hundreds of other methods to move abroad and a marriage with a foreigner isn’t even the easiest one. Most brides are happy with what they have in Russia and if they don’t marry a foreign man, nothing will change for them.

How much does it cost to have a Russian bride

The question of Russian brides’ cost is rather rhetoric because you don’t order your Russian bride on the internet like some goods but you build a relationship. Dating and marriage are always costly processes no matter where your partner comes from. However, your cost will depend on where you meet your Russian bride.

If you search for a Russian mail order bride online, you pay various expenses on the site. Such sites are never free and they provide a wide range of services where many professionals are involved, so they simply cannot be free. Apart from that, you must travel to her country. Yes, you save a lot of money on your dates because all you do is communicate online. You must save to travel and meet her though.

After your personal meeting, your hot Russian brides search stops and you start preparing the documents for her to come to your country. This process requires more expenses. Visa issues need some time and, of course, money. Your bride comes to your country and still, you need to pay for a certain language and driving courses as well as other things to adjust her to her new life and surroundings.

All this takes not only a financial investment but a lot of time and patience. If you are ready for it, find your best Russian bride who will make you the happiest man in the world!